Smash Christmas Lights Version 3.0?


This version of the site might as well have been named as such, but the resulting name ended up being far less original. By the time the third year had rolled around after the original Christmas-light smashing experiment, I didn't think a site dedicated to the activity was necessary - so it was worked in as a feature of the design, rather than being the design itself.

Making everyone happy

Winter.02 served as an interim attempt at a valid XHTML codebase that maintained some of the usual DHTML funk that typically invades my work. Until this redesign my site had effectively been ignoring the Mozilla crowd as I had not yet been convinced of the benefits of writing cross-browser, compliant code. (DHTML Arkanoid however, which was developed around this time, was developed with the standards crowd in mind.)

This site was effectively an experiment at a standards-based layout which would function consistently between the two major browsers, IE and Mozilla (Netscape), on both the PC and the Mac platforms. It was successful and a good test run for what would later be Spring.03, a much heavier (and cross-browser-oriented) version of the site.

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