png.js demo

An Internet Explorer PNG workaround by scott |


png.js attempts to replace GIF images that have a class name of png (ie. <img src="image.gif" alt="" class="png" />) with PNG images where supported; in the case of IE:win32, the necessary filters are applied which enable alpha transparency (a big PNG feature) to work. Disappointing on MS' part that it isn't supported natively, but oh well.



Library and example (this page)

Minimal example

How do I use this on my own pages?

Refer to the Minimal demo page. This uses the basic code required and is what you should reference if you want to use this library with your own work.


Click below to randomize the PNG backgrounds (showing the alpha transparency on the shadow.)


This is a regular GIF.


this is a GIF that is replaced with a PNG image under supported browsers, and a GIF everywhere else.

* only where supported; displays as GIF otherwise.

PNG (background image)*


* same restrictions as IMG, but this method breaks on ie:mac.