YUI + SoundManager 2 | Demo: A Noisy DOM

This example uses YUI to handle common DOM events such as clicks, scrolling and key presses on form elements and makes calls to SoundManager 2 (JS + Flash Sound API) which handles the sound effects. YUI's drag/drop library and slider widget are also shown. Interacting with the widgets on the page will trigger different sounds.

Things to try:

Note that this is a silly/fun example and is not recommended for practical use, unless you're building a web site for kids or something like that. ;)

Javascript + Flash 9 is required for this demo (see the SoundManager 2 home page for more info, API demos etc.)

HTML 5 should ultimately eliminate the reliance on Flash for audio embedding like this, and simplify the work to an <audio> element in the future.

< drag >

Sound Credits (Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0-licensed)

Slider/checkbox pop/dragging sounds by Scott Schiller.

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This page is a demo from a YUI Blog article on YUI + SoundManager 2.