SoundManager 2 / 360° Player Demo: JS + Canvas Visualization

Canvas-based UI with visualization options. Note: Spectrum/EQ visualizations disabled for IE < 9 (too slow.) Data is not implemented under HTML5.

You can also show FPS or customize the UI, or see the hi-fi version. Check the basic template for a minimal code example; also see the default 360° UI.

Inline list

Artist thank-yous: "Graffiti Sex" courtesy of The Fugitives. "Blue Belle Lament" courtesy of Adrian Glynn. "I Tried" and "People Asking" courtesy of SonReal.

Block list

56K Modem sound (Creative Commons license) via dialup.mp3, from user Jlew.

Variant: Annotations/meta-data

SoundManager 2 project page (not an MP3 link)