SoundManager 2: Bar UI ("second draft" version)

A configurable, resolution-independent HTML + SVG-based UI for playing collections of sounds.

Standard UI

Extra controls inline, playlist open by default

Compact UI, single item


Compact UI, full width


JavaScript API

Once initialized, players will be added to the array window.sm2BarPlayers. You can access and control players in this fashion. For example, window.sm2BarPlayers[0] will start the first player UI. You can also toggle the playlist "drawer" via window.sm2BarPlayers[0]


Thanks to SonReal and Adrian Glynn for making these demos sound notably better.

Sample textures are from "If you need more, that's where to get 'em."

SVG icons are from IcoMoon, "Entypo" (CC-BY SA 3.0) and "IcoMoon Free" (GPL) sets.

Missing button images? Make sure your server is returning an appropriate MIME type for SVG assets. An .htaccess example: AddType image/svg+xml svg svgz

Live UI options


Color opacity

Player texture

Page background

Font size

12 64

Try combinations of color, opacity and texture.

HTML classname options

CSS for these options:

.sm2-bar-ui {
 font-size: 16px;
.sm2-bar-ui .sm2-main-controls,
.sm2-bar-ui .sm2-playlist-drawer {
 background-color: #2288cc;
.sm2-bar-ui .sm2-inline-texture {
 background: transparent;

HTML for these options:

<div class="sm2-bar-ui">
 <!-- player HTML goes here -->

Fixed-position, full-width player via <div class="sm2-bar-ui fixed full-width"> ... </div> below ↓