SoundManager 2: Turntable UI

An experimental HTML + CSS design inspired by the infamous Technics 1200 turntable.

This project is a remix of The Wheels Of Steel, using a subset of features from the original.

Click a link to load it on the turntable.

HTML data attributes can be used to specify which turntable to use, and an optional album artwork image. You can also skin the turntable with background images, textures and colors.

JavaScript API

Refer to the window.turntables array, where you can call methods such as turntables[0].methods.powerToggle(). There is also a turntablesById object, where the ID is based on the HTML id attribute of the top-level turntable <div>.

General Disclaimer

This is an experimental prototype provided "unsupported" and "as-is", and a million things could be added; few are planned or will be implemented. Pitch bending support would require a Web Audio API implementation, not a part of SM2 at present. See the Wheels Of Steel project for the original feature list. Percentage-based scaling in this prototype means that some elements may shift slightly, and may not always be exactly square or round etc.