Background musical inspiration:
arcade era (1982-83) / modern (2012)

Instructions ↬

Select below and place or "paint" blocks, walls + turrets on the map.

How to build a level

Make bases out of walls. Harden bases by surrounding them with blocks, and placing turrets on top of walls.

Each base should use a unique wall type. Once all turrets of a given type are destroyed during gameplay, the base will explode. The level ends when all turrets have been destroyed.

Tips and tricks: Shift + click, keyboard shortcuts

Click once to set a "start" drawing point, then move the mouse to the destination and shift+click to draw a base or fill an area with blocks.

Use keyboard shortcuts (1-4 for bases, zxcv for walls, wasd for turrets and the small delete key) to select items faster. Pushing zxcv multiple times will cycle through wall shapes.

Not sure what things should look like? See the original game for reference.


Blocks (1-4)

Base walls (zxcv)

Turrets (wasd)

Turrets must be placed on walls.

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