10.09.2003: I Love Spam

Bring it

Here's a little spam "honeypot" for the spambots: spamluvr@ihatespam.dyndns.org. That is all ;) .. Just want to see how long it is before that address is picked up and repeatedly bombarded with spam attempts. Time to have some fun with the spammers for a change, I say.

Ten days later..

Apparently it only takes 10 days, at least in this case, for an e-mail address to be picked up by spambots. How wonderful to know that our penis-enlargement-offering, finance-your-way-to-freedom-pushing, apparent failers-of-marketing-class ignorant spammers are out there looking out for our best interests ;) Middle fingers extended vigorously in all of your general direction. Sorry guys, I just don't need a bigger member or have the need to refinance. Nor did I ever sign up for either of them, so drop it already.