10.26.2003: More Fish Stuff

Jack moves in

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A mature Jack Dempsey in my 90-gallon tank.

Two Jack Dempseys were recently given to me by a friend. During the night of their addition, two Neon Tetras mysteriously disappeared, and the following day a smaller Pleco was found to be dead. Interesting how that works! Nonetheless, they have proven to be fun fish to have.

There are two of these fish, and they are quite colorful both in appearance and behavior. They like to dig in some areas, mostly around their "caves" where they hide out; when swimming around, they're usually friendly towards each other provided there isn't food up for grabs. When feeding time comes around, "Big Jack" takes over control and reminds the smaller guy of this if he gets too near. Goofy-acting fish at times, but they are amusing and entertaining to watch.