"SnowStorm" Component

Now with GIF support

SnowStorm project page
SnowStorm is another OOJS library-style script that provides a neat animated snowing effect; it also takes advantage of alpha transparency where possible by using 24-bit PNG images, with GIFs as a fallback. The script occupies the full window space by default, but can be configured to stay within a certain vertical area. If you're seeing snow on this page, you are looking at SnowStorm in action.

This script has been packaged for anyone to download and use if they wish. Refer to the links above for more information.

PNG Javascript library?

The PNG "wrapper" library script is included with this package as it's a required component, but I intend to make a separate package for this script along with a documentation page etc. for general use of PNGs in Web development. Stay tuned.

Happy Holidays!

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