SnowStorm Version 1.2a

DHTML SnowStorm

SnowStorm has been updated. From the documentation:

  • Opera 7 ("O7") support added.. I think.
  • Improved initialization speed (less snowflake objects on startup)
  • Netscape 6.x "sticky" snow behavior fixed (now works)
  • IE:mac bug event handler bug fixed (script should now work)
  • Snow collection feature added
  • Snowflake speed is relative to size (Cheap pseudo-3D effect)

It still eats up more CPU than necessary, but in the days of ~3 GHz Pentium 4 CPUs I don't consider this to be much of an issue; animation has never been one of DHTML's stronger points (I develop and test on a 433 Mhz Celeron, so I notice speed/efficiency issues pretty quickly.) Still, it shouldn't be much of a load on newer hardware.

Suggestions/comments/criticism etc. can be e-mailed.

Happy Holidays!

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