TJ Schiller at the US Freeskiing Open

I have never been more proud of TJ Schiller, my "little" (at nearly 6'0", not so little) brother.

Crazy freestyle skiiers

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TJ and Josh Bibby were on their way to Vail, CO for the US Open when they stayed over at my place in Calgary (having graduated from Grade 12 some hours earlier, I might add,) and waxed it up a bit.

TJ Schiller at the 2004 US Freeskiing Open

Both are amazing skiiers and are going to break records, provided they don't break anything else (i.e., their knees or feet,) first.

TJ took first place in the Slopestyle comp, and second in Big Air; he appears to be really making a name for himself. Josh is also going into the next round of competition with TJ against some of the big names in the Freestyle world. It will be interesting to see how things turn out. At the least, these young punks are going to give the older guys a run for their money! Mark my words..

Post-mortem video

TJ Schiller with an interviewer at the US Open after winning the Slopestyle comp. Click and 'save as' for a ~9 MB DivX video.

Download this US Open video clip (DivX @ 320x240, 8.85 MB) (right-click, "save as..") for some video of TJ's runs.

I should mention this doesn't have any audio, to make a long story short. I intend to fix this. ;)