Back in Black

..Or grey or white, whichever your preference

Hello again. It's been a year since the last revamp - it's been long overdue.


Spring 2003 is dead. With that, welcome to Spring 2004.

What is it?

This is *supposed* to look like a plant - grass, or weed. You decide.

In spring, everything is blowing up and is new and bright (and those allergic to pollen, such as myself, are swearing at mother nature through clogged sinuses while looking stoned all the time.) Following the redesign of spring.03, a year was enough time for it to ripen and expire; it's now time to say "out with the old, and in with the new."

Philosophical and poetic bullshit aside, the new look was engineered with several things in mind (most of which have been achieved to satisfaction, minus a few performance-related hitches):

  • Web Standards
  • XML/XSLT-based "content framework"
  • Componentised, reusable XML-defined content
  • Search Engine friendliness
  • Focus on content rather than design (continuing trend)
  • Funky CSS and Javascript (as usual)

And how is it used?

Click around - read some content, play with the themes, look at some photos. It's all about the content. That is why you're here anyway, isn't it? ;)

There is a lot of functionality here, but I'm not going to explain where everything is. The idea (and hope) is that it will all make itself apparent..

It was about time

Spring 2003 was the last version of this site, so it has in fact been a year.

This code may not work under all browsers. I know for a fact it looks terrible in Safari on the Mac, and I suspect CSS bugs are to blame. Aside from that, most browsers render it reasonably well.

As a warning/disclaimer, some features are buggy or not fully implemented yet - but my self-appointed due date of March 1st has arrived, so here it is.

Comments may be directed to "morefunk at this domain." I hate spambots - you can do the math.