After experimenting for the better part of a year with an animation library, I finally got around to getting version 4 of my portfolio site (mostly) finished and uploaded.

It's like Flash.. without the Flash. v4 screenshot

The site is currently in flux as it will break horribly under Safari, ie:mac, Opera and anything that doesn't support the XMLHTTP object (used for loading dynamic content, not unlike this site.)

The "content framework" has not yet been built to handle direct URL requests - once that is complete and some CSS is added for "static" positioning, users of the aforementioned should be able to view the site without problems.

Really funky javascript

Some of the most complex Javascript I've ever written has gone into this project. I was hoping to make people think the site might have been done in Flash - and by that I mean using animation; having windows flying around, resizing and moving at the same time. "Mission accomplished." Whether or not it'll be noticed, I have no idea.

Miscellaneous Photos

Miscellaneous photo collection: The view from the Barlow/Max Bell C-Train stop in Calgary.

In unrelated news, some miscellaneous photos have been added to the growing pile.

I couldn't find any particular place to put them, so a "miscellaneous" collection has been created to fill the need.

Some bugs still remain in the related photo viewer and need to be worked out. Safari, Opera and ie:mac are affected from what I've seen.

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