Montreal, Quebec, Toronto, Windsor

My summer vacation to Mid-Eastern Canada was both well-needed and thoroughly enjoyed. I visited friends and relatives, stayed in hotels, houses and a condo and did some of the usual tourist sort of stuff while I was out there. Altogether an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable experience.

Family, friends and food

A street in Old Quebec (within Quebec City), Montreal.

Every three years my family heads to Ontario in the summer time to visit both relatives and friends. I took a camera along this time and got some photos of the things I saw between Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Windsor, Ontario.

I spent nearly two weeks on this trip, and thoroughly enjoyed the break from the routine. A family reunion of sorts was organised where we had an afternoon to socialise with aunts, uncles, first-and-second cousins and their immediate family. In total I believe almost 70 people were in attendance. In the interest of this site's global audience, the posted photos are of other events - not the reunion itself; I excluded most of the "boring family stuff". ;)

Severe Thunderstorm Entertainment

A severe storm in Windsor over the Detroit River (468 KB QuickTime Video - Right-click, save as..)

Quebec and Ontario in particular have some great summer weather, both in terms of heat and storms. The severe thunderstorms that routinely hit mid-eastern Canada are spectacular light-and-sound shows, especially when compared to the wimpy presentations we get in the Westernmost provinces.

They seem to be sensationalized more on TV also, as there are warnings broadcast frequently and regularly (even on top of the All-Star baseball game, heaven forbid.)

I always hope to catch at least one good storm when I visit Ontario, and have not yet been let down. As a matter of fact, two storms ensured that no disappointment was to be found whatsoever.

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