15 Minutes Of Fame

From The UK, With Love

I recently received a message from a designer friend overseas: "Hey man, you're in a magazine!!"

Web Designer Gallery: Scottschiller.com Web Designer Gallery: Scottschiller.com

This was a complete surprise and the first I had heard of it, so I asked for some more information. It turns out that the UK-based magazine "Web Designer" had picked up on my site, one way or another, and had printed up a shot alongside some complimentary words in the "Gallery: Best Of Web Design" section of issue #100.

It was somewhat amusing to be listed alongside high-budget industry heavyweights such as a recent Nike site and the flashy new "Exorcist" movie site, accompanied by a general feeling of achievement. My long-term goal of "Flash without Flash" may have just been officially reached by recognition.

Thanks for the kind words, guys. (I had a good laugh reading "Good Schills," nice catch.) Refer to the page scan for context.

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