Christmas Light Smashfest 2001

Show your spirit.

Christmas Light Smashfest 2001

Sometimes you wonder what goes through the mind of someone who decides to make a "game" of smashing christmas lights.

I'll tell you.. not much!

Breaking Christmas lights for fun and profit

Go to the site, point, click, smash, laugh - then do it again. Simple, clean, wholesome fun, even if it isn't the holiday season. The top five fastest times are displayed for the world to see.

.. And for those with higher standards?

IE 5+ on Windows 9X+ is required for XLSF2001, my apologies to the other 8% or so. When I wrote this in 2001 I hadn't come to realise the benefits of clean, standards-compliant semantic code just yet. My bad. However, there is light at the end of the light-smashing tunnel. Hit up the Winter.02 version of the site, which has a "Charlie Brown"-style tree lit up and just ripe for the picking. Winter.02's light smashing routines were written in the same spirit as XLSF2001. (Hint: Try typing "ciao" for a bonus under IE, or put "javascript:ciao()" in the address bar and hit enter.)

15,000 others smashed 200,000 lights.. In a day

According to, I boast Christmas Light Smashfest 2001 (XLSF2001 for short) "Does not hold much therapeutic or other value, excluding entertainment". Many people enjoyed smashing christmas lights however; the predecessor to XLSF2001 attracted more than 15,000 unique hits on the day of December 26th, 2000 thanks to an e-mail listing as "site of the day". Add up people being at home for the holidays and getting computers as presents (or so I figure, anyway) and you have a lot of traffic.

But nevermind this.. try it. It's fun.

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